Give the Gift of Reading

Help make the world a bit brighter by giving the gift of reading to a struggling reader with a year-end donation to LearnUp.


LearnUp uses a one-for-one model where, for every paying student, LearnUp provides a scholarship for a deserving child. Unlike other one-for-one giving programs, we are not simply giving away a product. Instead, we are teaching reading skills that last a lifetime. 

Thanks to generous investors like you, there is no limit to the number of low-income struggling readers we can teach to read.

Changing lives, Jaylin’s story. 

Meet Jaylin. This fall, Jaylin entered the 6th grade at a public middle school in San Francisco. As she entered middle school,  she was beginning to believe that she just may not be that school-smart because at the start of the year she was having trouble keeping up at school. Not being able to read at grade level was holding her back.

Like 20% of all our population, Jaylin is living with dyslexia.

Since falling behind in reading as a kindergartener, Jaylin has been through many reading intervention programs, including intervention programs through nationally recognized organizations specializing in dyslexia. But they did not get her to grade level.

In September, through a partnership between LearnUp centers and her school, Jaylin enrolled in LearnUp. In the past 3 months, she has gone from reading at the 3rd-grade level to the fifth-grade level and, thanks to generous donors like you,  she is still moving forward.

Recently, here is what she said she has learned about herself. “I am not stupid. I just couldn’t read.”

Unfortunately, Jaylin’s story is not uncommon. LearnUp has identified many kids who could learn to read if they had the resources to attend  LearnUp. With your support, there is no limit to the number of Jaylin’s we can help.

Changing a life. Give the gift of reading. Donate Today!

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Checks can be made out to and sent to:

Good Food For Good
c/o Virginie Rigo
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Good Food For Good, a public charity.
LearnUp Centers is a program of Good Food For Good
Our EIN is 47-2262474.

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