Recommended reading for LearnUp Center’s families

Even though the books recommended below focus on children diagnosed with dyslexia, they are excellent primers on understanding and helping all struggling readers.

  • Overcoming Dyslexia Dr. Sally Shawitz. Dr. Shaywitz’s research and her recommendations for teaching children living with dyslexia how to read is fundamental to our success as a reading program.  

“In Overcoming Dyslexia, Dr. Sally Shaywitz, co-director of the Yale Center for the Study of Learning and Attention and a leader in the new research into how the brain works, offers the latest information about reading problems and proven, practical techniques that, along with hard work and the right help, can enable anyone to overcome them. Here are the tools that parents and teachers need to help the dyslexic child, age by age, grade by grade, step by step.”

  • The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan by Ben Foss  Every parent needs good advice and a plan. This book is a roadmap to navigating the world of children living with dyslexia. 

While other books tell you what dyslexia is, this book tells you what to do. Dyslexics’ innate skills, which may include verbal, social, spatial, kinesthetic, visual, mathematical, or musical abilities, are their unique key to acquiring knowledge. Figuring out where their individual strengths lie, and then harnessing these skills, offers an entrée into learning and excelling. And by keeping the focus on learning, not on standard reading the same way everyone else does, a child with dyslexia can and will develop the self-confidence to flourish in the classroom and beyond.”

Putting emphasis on the advantages of the dyslexic brain rather than the well-trod challenges with reading and writing, the Eides blend advice from successful individuals who learned to excel at “being dyslexic” with findings from their research that parents, educators, and individuals with dyslexia can use to help maximize their dyslexic advantage.