Pressure Release

Pressure Release is a powerful technique for teaching your child to read. It involves the immediate transfer of phonics to reading materials. It is important to understand that LearnUp students are reading in books that correspond to their progress in the program and their age level.  In the video, Steve Tattum explains the Pressure Release technique and the 2-2-2 approach to reading with your child.

Repeated Readings

One of the best ways to improve fluency is through repeated readings. Your child reads a passage for the first time (also called a ‘cold’ reading). Your child reads the passage for one minute. After the reading write down how many words they read in a minute. Then they read it again four times and try to beat their time by 20 words per minute on each try.  This approach is one of the  most important things you can do to improve your child’s reading.

Beat the clock

Beat the clock is another form of repeated reading.  This approach is faster than the repeated reading outlined in the video.

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