LearnUp Students

“I like it because it makes me happy. I can read bigger words. And can read by myself.”

“I feel more confident at school.”

“Now, I kinda like reading.”

“I like the stories, they aren’t boring like my program at school.”

“This program has really helped me.”

Parent, Liz Schiedl

“Our son is back in school, and he’s grooving with 3rd grade so far. He has said more than a few times that “3rd grade is his favorite year so far” and that “this is going to be a good year, way better than 2nd grade or any other year at school .”  I am absolutely certain that this new hope & self-esteem came from his summer in the LearnUp program.
So I  wanted to share with you, more is being revealed about  the effect that your course has had on his learning process as a whole. It really shows and it has been life changing for our whole family… I’m not exaggerating. It’s like some kind of door was opened for him to want to move forward instead of staying stuck.
He is actually doing his homework. So far, we’ve been free of the tortured drama we endured last year. His 3rd grade  teachers’ homework policy is mostly about learning to take responsibility (to bring it home and keep track of it,  up to now it’s been one-page max per night) It’s not about busy work or quantity, what a relief. (We thought they were sending home a short version for him, but it turns out it’s the same as the rest of the class gets).
Please send our thanks again to his tutor Zoe for being AMAZING with him!”

Parent, Lia McLoughlin

“My 6-year-old daughter is learning to read so quickly her 1st grade teacher can’t keep up with accessing her appropriate reading level. I’ve even had to remind her reading intervention teacher to pick-up the pace.”
“The most important aspect of this reading program for me was to see my daughter’s self-concept change. At 6 years old, she wasn’t interested in learning and I think in many ways she felt isolated. Her friends around her had their noses in books and she couldn’t relate. She had very little interest in Math, largely due to Common Core math’s heavy emphasis on word problems. After 8 weeks, she has improved in all subjects at school.”

Parent, Mary Flynn

“Learn up centers is amazing. My 10-year-old started the program at a 2nd-grade reading level. To our amazement, he ended 7 weeks later at a fourth-grade level where he should be but more importantly with a love of reading. For the first time ever we have seen him pick up a book and read without being asked to do it. The tutors are patient and kind and find a way to connect with the kids they tutor. My son loved seeing his tutor and never complained about going  there. We immediately saw a change in his home and school work. Learn up gave my son back his confidence and I highly recommend it for any struggling reader.”

Parent, Dawn Gross, MD, PhD

 “LearnUp is a miracle! Not only has our child learned to read when all other efforts were just that, EFFORT. Our child now ENJOYS reading… can’t put the book down on the way to school… asks to read to us and looks forward to going to tutoring even after a full day of school! Truly, nothing short of a miracle….”

Parent, Liz Scheidl

“Now he is picking up books from his childhood that he has heard over and over but couldn’t read, and is sitting down and reading them out loud. That is a huge change.”

LearnUp Parent

“I asked my daughter how she was feeling now that tutoring was over. She’s sad. That might be the biggest compliment ever!”

LearnUp Parent

“He’s had the best start to the school year — ever. And that’s due to LearnUp.”