LearnUp Centers wants your child to learn how to read and we are confident that our approach will get her/him reading at grade level in a short period of time.

We can’t predict exactly how many hours of tutoring your child will need to learn how to read, however, we are committed to giving you a probable timeline and cost based on the corresponding entry reading level (or, Starts as we call them). The reading assessment tells us which Start is the best one for your child. Generally speaking, the lower the Start the more time it takes to get a child on track.

Starts are set by reading level, NOT by age.


Our program pricing includes our internal reading assessment, tutoring,  and the Woodcock Reading Mastery Test (pre/post). Other materials such as consumables and books to use in the program and at home, cost extra. The cost of these materials varies by the Start.

The estimated time is based on a student attending a 50-minute tutoring session, five days per week.

Below are the five Starts of our reading program.

Start 1:  Can’t read. Doesn’t know how to pronounce sounds correctly.

  • Estimated  time: About 22 weeks. Estimated cost: $14,500

Start 2:  Knows consonants and vowels. Can read some one syllable words.

  • Estimated time: 16 weeks  Estimated Cost: $10,800

Start 3:  Knows consonants, vowels, and some suffixes. Beginning to read two-syllable words.

  • Estimated time: 12 weeks   Estimated Cost: $8,300

Start 4:  Knows basic sounds and many vowel teams. Can read elementary materials with errors.

  • Estimated time: 4 weeks  Estimated Cost: $7,000

Start 5:  Can read but has problems with comprehension and fluency.

  • Estimated time: 2 weeks  Estimated Cost: $3,300

These estimates will be confirmed by the LearnUp Center’s reading experts.

Contact us to learn more.