Know a struggling reader?

LearnUp can help.

Who:  Anyone of any age, with or without a diagnosis of dyslexia.

What:  One-on-one tutoring program that teaches struggling readers to read, spell, and write—at grade level and beyond.

Why: LearnUp works. In just 3 months of tutoring, the average LearnUp student:

  • Jumped 2.0 grade levels in reading
  • Increased word fluency by more than 50%
  • Gained over 44 words per minute in fluency

Where:  Tutoring sessions are currently held on the University of San Francisco campus and at La Boulangerie offices.

When:  3 – 6 p.m., Monday – Friday

How:  A free, 20-minute reading assessment is the best way to get started.

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What Parents are Saying:

“My 10-year-old started the program at a 2nd-grade reading level. To our amazement, he ended seven weeks later at a 4th-grade level, where he should be, but more importantly with a love of reading.” — Mary Flynn

Danny tutor 10

“The most important aspect of this reading program for me was to see my daughter’s self-concept change.” — Lia McLoughlin

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