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Pre-K Reading Workshop

For Parents and Educators

This two-day workshop (Saturday, September 10th and 17th) provides a crash course in early literacy (Pre-K) from theory to practice and teach you how to identify the early signs of a struggling reader, including early signs of dyslexia and will learn techniques and activities that can address the common challenges facing these emerging readers.

The workshop comes with over $500 worth of teaching materials, curriculum activities and reading books.

Presented by Steve Tattum, LearnUp Centers Reading Director. This is a rare opportunity to learn directly from the founder of the LearnUp reading program.

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LearnUp Tutor Training Workshop May 31st – June 10th

Learn How to Teach Reading

We are excited to have our reading partner, Steve Tattum, founder of the Tattum IMG_1072 copyReading Program and reading expert, facilitate this engaging workshop on how to teach struggling readers to read at grade level and beyond. It is a rare opportunity to have the founder of a successful reading program, teach, mentor and guide you through the ins and outs of one of the most effective reading programs in the country.

 Why LearnUp Centers Reading Program?

Many programs can teach kids to read. LearnUp is more effective and efficient—usingDanny tutor 4one-on-one tutoring to teach struggling readers to read in about half the time as most other major reading programs. LearnUp integrates the best practices of the leading reading programs on the market and combines them with the latest brain research and National Reading Panel recommendations to create a superior, systematic program that accelerates reading acquisition.

Get Results

While LearnUp Centers is a new nonprofit in San Francisco, Tattum Reading Program has more than a 15-year track record of getting kids reading at grade level. LearnUp Centers has been tutoring struggling readers since January 2016. Our first cohort of students all entered the program reading below grade level. And now, according to the results of pre/post test scores on the nationally normed Woodcock Reading Mastery Test III, those who have finished their program, are reading at grade level.

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The Workshop: Everything You Need to Successfully Teach Reading  to All Children

Come learn how you can use LearnUp Centers reading program achieving grade level reading growth with your students.

This two-week intensive will give you all the skills you need to teach the highly effective Tattum Reading Program. The workshop includes all necessary materials: Teacher’s Manual, Teacher’s Resource Guide, Words & Quotes, program DVDs, CD-Rom, magnetic board and magnets.

This workshop addresses the following language concepts:
1. Introduction of the 44 sounds as well as prefixes, roots, and suffixes.
2. Guided practice through the basic lesson plan.
3. Diagnostics and placement into 5 different levels of the program.
4. Teaching the program in classes, groups, or 1-on-1.
5. The foundations of comprehension.
6. Three different levels of fluency.
7. Adaptations for ESL students.
8. Opportunities to observe Instructor teach class members’ students.

In addition, during the second week, students will take part in a practicum to give them hands-on teaching experience and real-time feedback on their teaching.

Who should attend?

  • Teachers
  • Learning Specialists
  • Reading Tutors
  • Dyslexia Specialists
  • Home School Parents
  • Literacy Specialists
  • LearnUp Tutors
  • Anyone interested in literacy, dyslexia or reading issues

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