LearnUp Centers is a nonprofit public charity that wants all kids to learn to read—regardless of their ability to pay.  We believe our reading program can help the average struggling reader learn how to read at grade level in about half the time of other major reading programs on the market.

What makes our reading program different?

1. It is effective and efficient. Our students get to grade level reading faster than the other major reading programs.

2. We lead with age appropriate books. LearnUp Reading has age and skill level appropriate books to keep the reader interested and engaged.

3. It has multiple starting points. LearnUp Reading has multiple starting points to accommodate a student’s knowledge and background.

4. It is a blend of the leading reading programs. LearnUp Reading incorporates the best of multiple methodologies as opposed to just one.

5. We provide a reading assessment in 20 minutes. Our reading assessment quickly puts the student at the correct entry point for the program at the right level and on the path to success.

6. The program is based on the latest brain-based research. LearnUp Reading is based on the latest brain science.

7. The program works for anyone learning to read. LearnUp Reading can be used to teach everyone to read. But most importantly, it can help struggling readers with, or without, a diagnoses of dyslexia learn to read at grade level.

8. We offer an outcomes-based pricing model.

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